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Image by Zachary Nelson

Adolescence is a time of growth towards independence, of experimenting, taking on new challenges and interests, of failing, succeeding and learning. When anxiety is in charge for your child, fear takes over. Their brain goes into survival mode and the focus moves towards safety and protection rather than growth and new experiences. Life gets smaller.

My approach is practical. The goal isn’t to eradicate anxiety but to help your child build the skills they need to manage it when it shows up so anxiety isn’t in control of their life, they are. 

Anxiety can impact your child’s ability to develop into an independent, self-reliant adult. Research shows that anxiety tends to recur, so learning how to manage it is a crucial lifelong skill.

I’ll help your child:

  • Recognise and understand anxiety

  • Navigate the process of anxiety so they can handle however it shows up

  • Learn and practice body and brain-based skills that promote bravery, resilience and experiential learning

  • See experiences as a challenge rather than a threat so they can engage with them instead of avoiding them

  • Manage discomfort and tolerate/accept uncertainty

  • Figure out their personal values and strengths so they can take action and move forward, doing what matters to them, even when anxiety shows up


"Anxiety is maintained by avoidance. To overcome anxiety, you have to move - in manageable steps - towards areas of greater discomfort" Dr. Martin N Seif

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