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Fees of £125 for each 50 minute session are payable in advance by bank transfer.

Generally sessions start off weekly and I also offer intensives (numerous sessions over a short time) which can help create needed momentum when avoidance and stuckness has become entrenched. 


All sessions take place online over Zoom.



I take breaks in the Winter, Spring and Summer and will give notice of these in advance. 

24 hours notice is required for cancellation of a session or the full fee is due. Should you wish to terminate treatment a minimum of 1 session's notice should be given so we can complete our work together.


Sessions are confidential except in certain legal or ethical circumstances such as if a client is at risk of harming themselves or others, if a minor is being harmed or if I am subpoenaed by a court of law to give evidence. You will be notified of this in advance.



I'm fortunate to be supervised by some of the leading adolescent anxiety specialists in the world. I may discuss client cases with my supervisors who adhere to the same code of ethics and confidentiality. No details that reveal a clients identity are used.

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